iVivo® VET-OCT

We have designed an imaging system especially for animal ophthalmology incredible spectral domain optical coherence tomography rabbits to horses.

Our easy to use OCT system will satisfy tough ophthalmic demands of pet vision care equal to human medicine. The results are high quality and reliable for both anterior and posterior segments of the eye.

Key Features

For Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics and Large Animal Research
Anterior and Posterior OCT Ophthalmic Imaging System
High Resolution Fundus Imaging
60° Field of View
Superior Imaging Depth
Easy to Use on a Variety of Exam Procedures
2D and 3D and Robust Image Processing Tools
Axial Resolution of 5μm in Tissue
Up to 80 KHz A-Scan Rate


Our VET OCT Demo

OCT / Fundus Camera in One System

Use our 'focus on cornea' technology to quickly capture impressive fundus images. Align OCT scans on real-time retinal images to accurately collect tissue data. iVivo® combined imaging and data gives you unprecedented insight into the eye.

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OcuScience OCT System Featured in BioPhotonics

A magazine all about leveraging light to maximize imaging capabilities within life sciences; BioPhotonics has included a funtional review of OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) applications and benefits.

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Complete Solution

Beyond the systems' imaging capabilities, we provide a well thought out solution for veterinary clinics. We provide training, support, accessories, and customize to fit all user needs.

In-Vivo Histological Data

Our OCT provides non-invasive visualization of retinal and corneal structures in extraordinary detail. Our technology yields invaluable data about eye anatomy for diagnostics and ophthalmic research, revealing details about tissue without the need for a biopsy. 


We provide remote setup and training as part of our service to you. We are knowledgeable about our products and eye science. We also provide training courses to advance understanding of OCT applications.


  • Sub 2 Micron OCT for research
  • Surgical Anterior Segment OCT Imaging
  • Ruggedized upgrade for field use
  • Foot-switch (Scan/Freeze and Save)


  • Standard Warranty
    • OcuScience® offers a standard 1 year warranty on all OCT imaging systems.
  • Extended Warranty
    • Extended warranties may be purchased from OcuScience®. Please contact OcuScience® to determine if your system already has an extended warranty, or to receive a quote for further warranty coverage. 


Image Size:

512 x 512 x 1024

A-Scan Line Rate:


Output Power:

750 𝞵W max.

Depth Resolution:

6 𝞵m in air; 5 𝞵m in tissue


B-Scan Image Rate:




System Size:

33w x 19d x 15h cm.

13w x 7.5d x 6h in.

Traverse Resolution:

15 𝞵m


C-Scan Image Rate:


Set by number of B-Scans in C-Scan


Scanner Size:

11w x 6.4d x 9.8h cm.

4.5w x 2.5d x 3.9h in.

Center Wavelength:

<840 nm

Linear Scan Range:

7 mm

System Weight:

4.0 kg.


100 dB

C-Scan Range:

5 mm x 5 mm

Scanner Weight:

<1 kg.

Fundus Camera:





File Size:

Red 650 nm LED



 640 x 640

 .5 Meg