iVivo® LAB OCT

Designed For Ophthalmology Research Use

iVivo® LAB is designed to work with small animals (mice, rats, zebra fish, etc.) This system combines a fundus camera with a spectral domain Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system to produce unprecedented retinal image details, all within a small footprint.
Open source code and data can be customized to meet your research needs. When used with OcuScience®'s patent pending single point, multi-axis image control system, makes precision imaging simple.


The system has a high performance computing engine and software to acquire and visualize images. The system comes with 2D and 3D post processing capabilities.

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iVivo® LAB OCT

Base System Includes:

  • 3𝞵m Depth Resolution (in tissue) Spectral Domain OCT (2𝞵m Now Available) 
  • OCT/PC Console
  • Software
  • Scan Head with Animal Specific Optic
  • Pre-Configured Settings per Species
  • Digital User Manual
  • Anterior and Posterior Segment Ophthalmic Imaging
  • 3 Months Remote Connect Technical Support


  • Sub-2𝞵m Resolution and 80KHz A-Scan Upgrade
  • Rodent Examination System Includes: 
    • Single Point, Multi-axis Scanner Positioning
    • Gas Anesthesia Delivery
    • Position-able Magnetic Exam Table
  • Rabbit-Sized Examination Table
  • Ruggedized Travel Case
  • Extended Warranty


Small Footprint, Big Value

iVivo® LAB dramatically reduces the size needed to conduct OCT examinations.  By combining the OCT engine and PC into one console along with the scanner integration into the OcuScience® Examination System, everything is included to conduct ophthalmic OCT examinations.


The iVivo® LAB is versatile with a variety of laboratory animal models. Our rodent imaging system includes a multi-positionable exam table, temperature control, integrated gas anesthesia, and head stabilizing feature to minimize fuzzy images from respiratory activity. We provide a turn-key solution for small animal imaging, and we can help customize for nearly any research application.


iVivo® LAB software brings novel tools to capturing and processing imagery data.  Some features include C - Capture for 3D stack data, averaging of images, and dynamic liquid lens focusing.

From rodents up to guinea pig size eyes, iVivo®  LAB OCT can be modified to work with nearly any laboratory animal models. With its high resolution imaging and simple to use controls, you will be collecting valuable data in no time.


You will receive reliable technical support as part of our service to you.  We are knowledgeable about our products and eye science. We also provide on-site training and annual courses for personnel to advance their understanding of the OcuScience® family of ophthalmic devices.  


Image Size

512px x 1024px

A-Scan Line Rate


Output Power

750 𝞵W max.

Depth Resolution

4 𝞵m in air; 3 𝞵m in tissue


B-Scan Image Rate




System Size

33w x 19d x 15h cm.

13w x 7.5d x 6h in.

Traverse Resolution

6 𝞵m


C-Scan Image Rate


Set by number of B-Scans in C-Scan


Scanner Size

11w x 6.4d x 4.8h cm.

4.5w x 2.5d x 1.9h in.

Center Wavelength

840 nm

Linear Scan Range

2.75 mm in mouse

System Weight

4.0 kg.


100 dB

C-Scan Range

5mm x 5mm

Scanner Weight

0.5 kg.

Imaging Frame Rate




Computation Engine

Integrated Windows 10 Pro i7 Processor


We carry a complete line of consumables and replacement components for the iVivo® ophthalmic imaging line.  


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