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Electrophysiology of Vision

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Electrophysiology of Vision

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iVivo® Funduscope
"Thank you - your customer service is absolutely excellent!"
Lynne Sandmeyer University of Saskatchewan
"The HMsERG is a great machine. It provides me with quick reliable information which I can interpret from the handheld unit without relying on a laptop or printer. The technicians find the machine easy to use on their own. We rely heavily on the short protocol which has dark adaptation built into the program. I would make this investment again."
Amy Hunkeler DVM, Diplomate ACVO, MBA Eye Care for Animals
"I will continue to endorse you completely. You can be no better."
Noelle La Croix, DVM, Dip. ACVO Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island
"Thanks so much for all of your help! We got great ERG data last week and are set to do another experiment this week."
Mary Marquart, Ph.D. University of Mississippi Medical Center
"We have been very pleased with the performance of the HMsERG unit and the corresponding software. The simple and straight-forward system has enabled us to generate very exciting data in the lab with accuracy and confidence. The service we receive from the OcuScience® team is excellent, and Jeff at OcuScience® is always extremely accommodating of our requests which have ranged from restocking supplies to one-on-one-training and trouble-shooting sessions with the unit and the software. They have worked closely with us to ensure we are generating reliable, high-quality data for our studies."
Michelle Lewallen, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Associate Stowers Institute for Medical Research
The technical service supporting this ERG has also been exceptional. OcuScience® visited us onsite to set up and test the equipment and provided excellent onsite training for our scientists. They also provide training conferences. OcuScience® is very responsive and quickly addresses any questions that have arisen. They are continuously innovative with software upgrades and updates on their analysis software programs. In summary, we are very pleased with our purchase of the HMsERG system, which has become a major tool supporting our many research projects."
Abbot F. Clark, PhD, FARVO Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy Director, North Texas Eye Research Institute U. North Texas Health Science Center, Ft. Worth, TX