Electrophysiology of Vision

OcuScience® is Advancing Eye Research and Veterinarian Care for Multi-species Electroretinography by Providing the Means to Capture Unprecedented Data


Electroretinography System for Veterinarians and Larger Animals


Electroretinography System for Researchers with Smaller Animals

Ex Vivo ERG

Functional Testing of Viable Retina Tissue

Mini Contact Lenses & Electrodes

Accessories for Veterinarians and Animal Research Studies

Electroretinography Devices and Supplies Veterinarians & large Animal Clinics Researchers & Small Animal Studies
Hand-held Multi-species Electroretinography [HMsERG] Yes Yes
Ex Vivo ERG Adapter No Yes
Stainless Steel Subdermal Needle Electrodes Yes Yes
Silver-embedded Thread Electrodes Yes Yes
ERG-Jet Lens Yes No
Mini Contact Lens No Yes
Rodent Contact Lens with Siver-embedded Thread Electrodes Yes Yes
Goniovisc (Methylcellulose) Yes Yes
Dual Photo-Stimulator Option Yes Yes
Neutral Density Conical Filter 3 for the HMsERG Yes Yes
Rodent Examination Table No Yes
Temperature Controller No Yes
Faraday Cage No Yes
Rodent Face Mask No Yes
3 Red LED Headlamps for Dark Adaptive Lighting No Yes