(Q): "Do you ship internationally?"

(A): Yes, after payment in advance.  You can learn more by clicking here.

(Q): "Can you travel to our location to provide training?"

(A): We can do training over the internet.  But as soon as things open up, we will plan for in-person training.

(Q): "How do I contact you directly, and what are your business hours?"

(A): You can contact us at Support@Ocu-Science.com, or if urgent, please call +1 (866) 250-3937 (EXT. 6).  You can also fill out this form to provide further details on how we can help you.  Our business hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday PDT (-7 Hours UTC). 


ERG (ElectroRetinoGraphy) FAQ

(Q): "My unit flashes green.  The flashes slowly get faster and faster until the light turns off and it never boots up.  How do I fix this?"

(A): Check to be sure that the CF card is inserted properly.  If it is inserted properly and it is still not turning on, then E-Mail our Support Team at Support@Ocu-Science.com.  We will contact you with the instructions and files to reformat your card. 

 (Q): "My electrodes won't stabilize, or there is a lot of noise in my electrodes.  How can I fix this?"

 (A): Most of the time this can be fixed by checking the placement of the electrodes, if your current ones are older.  Other variables that can cause noise are where the ERG is being conducted in a room (other machines giving off noise, as well as power running through the walls) and not having a ground wire coming off the Faraday Cage.

(Q): "How often should I send my unit in for a CUC (Clean, Update, and Calibration)?"

(A): We recommend a CUC every year.  Sometimes, this is not possible due to various reasons.  But at the minimum, we would like to see the unit back for recalibration every two years.

(Q): "My charger isn't charging my HMsERG.  What should I do?"

(A): First off; do NOT use a charger that is not meant for the HMsERG.  This could damage the internal circuit board.  If the charger is no longer working, we can send you a new charger to see if it is just a bad charger.  If it turns out to not be the charger, the unit will need to come in, as it could be a few different things causing this problem.

(Q): "Can the Stainless Steel Electrodes be sterilized, and what process do you recommend?"

(A): The Stainless Steel Electrodes can in fact be sterilized.  We recommend a VHP Chamber for doing so, as an autoclave will melt the protective coating on the electrodes.

(Q): "Can I order CF Cards off of Amazon or other online retailers instead of buying from you guys?"

(A): Yes, but we do not recommend it.  The CF Cards need to be programmed and have files put onto them to properly work with the HMsERG.


Rodent Facemask FAQ

(Q): "What is the best way to clean the facemasks?"

(A): We have found that simple soap and distilled water is ideal for cleaning.

(Q): "What is the best way to disinfect the facemasks?"

(A): For disinfecting, 70% isopropyl alcohol will work just fine. Biocide can also be used.

(Q): "What sterilization process can we use that will not damage our facemasks?"

(A): A VHP chamber will work for sterilization. A UV light can also be used, but may cause some decolorization. 

(Q): "How do I pick the correct size mask?"

(A): Small: Open-eyed pups.
Medium: Adult mice to smaller rats.
Large: Smaller young rats.
Extra-Large: Big/oversized rats.

(Q): "What side of the mask is for the supply and which side is for the waste gas?"

(A): The smaller port is the supply, and the larger is for the waste. This is to prevent over pressurization.

(Q): "What size are the adapters that are supplied with the kit?"

(A): The adapters are: 1/8" to 1/4", and 1/8" to 3/8".


Linscan Probe FAQ

(Q): "Does your company still support the Linscan Probe?"

(A): Yes, we do still support the product, but we do not sell it anymore.

(Q): "I need a new copy of the software and/or my software needs updating. Who do I contact?"

(A): Our HMsERG manager has access to the software for the Linscan probe. You can him at Support@Ocu-Science.com. He will ask you what bit-processor your computer has (32 or 64 bit) in order to send you the correct software.

(Q): "My probe is no longer mechanically functioning correctly. Will you guys still repair it?"

(A): We do not repair the probes ourselves, however if you do need a mechanical problem fixed it can be sent in to Interson to be fixed. The contact at Interson is Debbie Green and her email is DGreen@Interson.com. Just let her know the problem you are having, and she will give you an RMA.