RM Canine Lens


An award-winning design that incorporates novel features to improve performance. Plug and play compatible with all known ERG testing systems, including hand-held systems.

Soft | Stable | Disposable



The RM Electrode™ - Canine is the first ever soft contact lens electrode designed specifically for canine eyes.

It provides high stability and high signal to noise ratio with increased comfortsafety and ease of installation. Its unique light-scattering property reduces the requirement for stimulus alignment with the eye as a result consistent responses can be obtained in less time with restless patients.

  • Each trace plots the average of four responses obtained with RM Electrode Canine (blue) and ERG Jet (orange) electrodes.

  • Each pair of waveforms is from a different canine patient.

  • In all cases the amplitude and SNR of signals obtained with the RM Electrode Canine met or exceeded those obtained with the Jet.

  • In all cases, four usable responses were obtained in far less time with the RM Electrode Canine.

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Decreasing test time and ERG variability 
while increasing comfort and safety


The RM Electrode™ – Canine incorporates a unique light-scattering property that reduces the requirement for stimulus alignment with the eye.  Consistent responses can be obtained in less time with restless patients

Suitable for all full-field ERG testing protocols The RM Electrode™ – Canine provides