About Us

OcuScience® is a Developer and Distributor of a Leading Line of Products Designed for the Ophthalmic and Visual Science Communities.


Our mission is to meet the challenging requirements of our partners with the highest quality line of devices, accessories and support in the laboratory and clinic.

Our services are tailored to the needs of MD, PhD, DVM, and Technologists who are advancing the art and science of ophthalmology OcuScience® is a subsidiary of Xenotec, Incorporated.

Since 2007, we have delivered excellent product, clinical, and laboratory support tailored to the needs of eye research and have a vast knowledge base and experience to engineer, prototype, and turn an idea into reality

Our focus is to improve the technology available to doctors and scientists to enable them to discover and develop new treatments for blindness and low vision. We support eye research around the world with our line of products.