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In advancing the science of electrophysiology of vision, we are bringing new and user friendly diagnostic instruments to researchers. The OcuScience® HMsERG is used in research on all types of mammals as well as birds and reptiles. Some key features of technology in our product line include the ability to use "protocols" to conduct standardized series of tests as defined by the International Society for Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV), or create your own customized protocols. We incorporate a calibrated mini-Ganzfeld stimulator for the best illumination of the whole retina. The white on white LEDs can produce up to 30 cd.s/m2.

OcuScience® supports many laboratories around the world in their efforts to better understand the eye and bring major advancements in medicine. ERG is a quantifiable measure of the retinal "electrical" response to a specific light stimulus. This electrophysiological response can be interpreted to diagnose diseases, identify toxicological effects, and analytically assess therapeutic treatments.

Our portfolio includes necessary accessories for conducting ERGs on all sizes of mammals and other vertebrate species. We have a broad line of electrodes for different research and clinical environments including "active" silver-embedded nylon thread electrodes, ERG-Jet contact lens electrodes as well as reference/ground stainless steel subdermal needle electrodes.

Mouse ERG is a common animal model used with the HMsERG. We provide a variety of accessories for mice, in order to maximize their comfort during ERG studies. 


If You Perform Rodent ERGs in Your Lab, It's Time to Consider Using the OcuScience® HMsERG LAB System

The OcuScience® HMsERG LAB System Has a Convenient Set-up That Includes the Same Robust ERG Device Found in our HMsERG Combined With a Moveable Heated Exam Table and Controller, a Rodent Sized Faraday Cage for Signal Isolation and Built-in Clamps to Aid You in Positioning Contact Lens Electrodes.

Of course, buying the entire system at one time is the most economical. But you can also choose to buy just the components you need.


Please contact us for customization to ensure you have the best system possible for your needs:

The HMsERG LAB System is Designed for Mice, Rats and Rabbits

Current reported uses from our numerous world-wide users includes, but not limited to the study of:

  • Bacterial endophtalmitis
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Endophthalmitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Infectious diseases
  • MicroRNA therapeutic
  • Nano artificial retina
  • Pharmacoefficacy and Toxicology
  • Recording VEP
  • Retina stem cells
  • Retinal degeneration
  • Retinal effects of muscular dystrophy
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Transgenic models of eye diseases in mice

    Click Here to see a Comparison of the HMsERG to a Large Tabletop ERG System

      The HMsERG Lab System is Used World-Wide to Aid in Ophthalmic Research:

      The HMsERG LAB System

      Electroretinography Devices and Supplies

      Veterinarians & large Animal Clinics Researchers & Small Animal Studies
      Hand-held Multi-species Electroretinography [HMsERG] Yes Yes
      Ex Vivo ERG Adapter No Yes
      Stainless Steel Subdermal Needle Electrodes Yes Yes
      Silver-embedded Thread Electrodes No Yes
      ERG-Jet Lens Yes Yes
      Mini Contact Lens Yes Yes
      Rodent Contact Lens with Siver-embedded Thread Electrodes Yes Yes
      Goniovisc (Methylcellulose) Yes Yes
      Dual Photo-Stimulator Option Yes Yes
      Neutral Density Conical Filter 3 for the HMsERG Yes Yes
      Rodent Examination Table No Yes
      Temperature Controller No Yes
      Faraday Cage No Yes
      Rodent Face Mask No Yes
      3 Red LED Headlamps for Dark Adaptive Lighting Yes Yes

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