Electrophysiology of Vision

OcuScience® is Advancing Eye Research and Veterinarian Care for Multi-species Electroretinography by Providing the Means to Capture Unprecedented Data

Electroretinography Devices and Supplies Veterinarians & Large Animal Clinics Researchers & Small Animal Studies
Hand-held Multi-species Electroretinography [HMsERG] Yes Yes
Ex Vivo ERG Adapter No Yes
Stainless Steel Subdermal Needle Electrodes Yes Yes
Silver-embedded Thread Electrodes Yes Yes
ERG-Jet Lens Yes No
Mini Contact Lens No Yes
Rodent Contact Lens with Siver-embedded Thread Electrodes Yes Yes
Goniovisc (Methylcellulose) Yes Yes
Dual Photo-Stimulator Option Yes Yes
Neutral Density Conical Filter 3 for the HMsERG Yes Yes
Rodent Examination Table No Yes
Temperature Controller No Yes
Faraday Cage No Yes
Rodent Face Mask No Yes
3 Red LED Headlamps for Dark Adaptive Lighting No Yes