RM Electrode™ - Canine Single-Use (10pk)
RM Electrode™ - Canine Single-Use (10pk)

RM Electrode™ - Canine Single-Use (10pk)

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The RM Electrode™ - Canine is the first-ever soft contact lens electrode designed specifically for canine eyes.


It provides high stability and a high signal-to-noise ratio with increased comfortsafety, and ease of installation. Its unique light-scattering property reduces the requirement for stimulus alignment with the eye as a result consistent responses can be obtained in less time with restless patients.


The RM Electrode™ - Canine is suitable for all full-field ERG testing protocols (flash, step, flicker, STR, PhNR) and is currently sized for medium-sized dogs (20-60 lbs). (Additional sizes available soon!)


Each box contains 10 electrodes.
The RM Electrode™ Canine  Single-Use is not designed to handle repeated use and cleaning cycles. Re-use of the electrode may affect the signal quality and patient health.