Washington University School of Medicine Vision Researchers Use OcuScience® Ex Vivo ERG Adapter to Detect Infrared Sensors in Human Retina

The research team, lead by Vladimir J. Kefalov, PhD, associate professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at Washington University School of Medicine published a breakthrough discovery in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Online Early Edition that states that under certain circumstances the human eye can see invisible infrared light.

This discovery was aided by the use of an electroretinography adapter that Kefalov’s lab invented. OcuScience® has commercialized the electroretinography adapter, providing a remarkable platform for ex vivo testing of retinal tissue. The Ex Vivo ERG Adapter functions to support the physiology of the retinal tissue. By providing physiological support to the tissue, researchers will experience lengthened ERG testing and data retrieval periods.

The OcuScience® Ex VIVO ERG Adapter aids research by providing critical functionality

  • Ultra Low Noise Retina Function Recordings
  • Direct Testing of Drugs and Biologics on Retina Function
  • Perfusion and Temperature Control Keeps Retina Viable for Hours
  • Compatible with Most ERG systems
  • Two Wells for Simultaneous Data Collection
  • Ex VIVO ERG brings new depth to vision research

Daniel Lindgren, President of OcuScience®, says of this new research, The Ex VIVO ERG Adapter has opened the doors for a new breed of retinal and pharmaceutical research. Thanks to the Adapter’s built-in features such as temperature control and saline bath, the ex vivo retina remains viable up to 4 hours from dissection, allowing time for multiple testing scenarios.

When the adapter is used in conjunction with the compact and portable ERG manufactured by OcuScience®, researchers will get a light source, data capture and analysis, all in one integrated device.

We feel that the work published by Washington University is just the first in more ground breaking discoveries that the OcuScience® Ex Vivo Adapter will help make possible. We invite all researchers that are interested in learning more about Ex Vivo ERG to attend one of our workshops and wet labs, led by Washington University researcher, Frans Vinberg.

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