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Creators of Precision Ophthalmic Devices - Advancing Ophthalmic Research

OcuScience® launches low-cost OCT systems to veterinary market for early detection and diagnosis of animal eye diseases - Press Release 

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Ophthalmic OCT


Electrophysiology of Vision

OcuScience® is Advancing Eye Research and Veterinarian Care for Multi-species Electroretinography by Providing the Means to Capture Unprecedented Data


Electroretinography System for Veterinarians with Larger Animals


Electroretinography System for Researchers with Smaller Animals

Ex Vivo ERG

Functional Testing of Viable Retina Tissue

Mini Contact Lenses & Electrodes

Accessories for Veterinarians and Animal Research Studies

Animal Anesthesia

Isoflurane Anesthesia for Rodent Examinations

 iVivo® Rodent Imaging System 

Versatility to Meet the Requirements of Your Laboratory

iVivo® Funduscope for Small Animals

Base Imaging System Provides You With Bright Field and Fluorescein Angiography Capabilities

Also Available - Rodent Face Mask Kits for Anesthesia

Anatomically Correct, Durable, Waste Gas Removal Mask That Allows Eye and Head Access

Mouse Face Mask Kit

Small and Medium Face Masks, Tubing and Adapters for Mouse Anesthesia

Rat Face Mask Kit

Large and Extra Large Face Masks, Tubing and Adapters for Rat Anesthesia

Complete Face Mask Kit

Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Face Masks, Tubing and Adapters for Mouse and Rat Anesthesia.