Ophthalmic OCT

iVivo® Ophthalmic OCT is designed specifically for animals.

iVivo® LAB OCT / Fundus Camera:

For rodent, up to guinea pig size eyes

iVivo® VET OCT / Fundus Camera:

For rabbit, up to horse size eyes 

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Being simple to use and portable, it provides incredible data on the front and back of the eye and can be converted to clinical cart. 

iVivo® Key Advantages

Sub 3 μm axial resolution gives more imaging detail than more expensive competitor OCT's.
At 80KHz A-scan rate makes iVivo® the fastest production Ophthalmic OCT on the market.
Flexible handheld scanner and touchscreen console makes animal examinations easy.
Versatile design for exams in the lab, in the clinic, in surgery, or even in the barn!
Open platform and data to access a variety of powerful analysis tools.
Brings significant research and diagnostic value to laboratory science and veterinary medicine.
Versatile, smallest size ophthalmic OCT available.